Stroll in Style

Motherhood: it’s the adventure of a lifetime with twists and turns at every corner. Make the ride smooth with one of our luxury strollers.

Luxury Design with Baby and Mom in Mind

The Aleta by Luxury Strollers is a great choice for the modern mama. It features an adjustable canopy with a peek-a-boo window so baby can get a view of the ride. Strolling on a hot day? Check out the featured covered sunroof for protection against harsh UV rays.

We know moms come prepared with their toolbox handy. That’s why we’ve included a parent tray with 2 cup holders and an extra-large undercarriage to make traveling with baby a breeze.

The Luxury is in the Details

Why Choose Aleta by Luxury Strollers?



Care and Cleaning

Keep your child out of the sun and wind with the adjustable canopy with a peek-a-boo window and covered sunroof.

Safety and Security

Our engineers apply innovative thinking, well thought-through design and vast years of experience to ensure exceptional performance and quality in each one.

All terrain suitability

As the inventors of the world's first modular stroller, we are pioneers in our industry, setting the standards and trends for the rest to follow.



Slide the scroller to view in 360 degrees

We’re redefining the modern stroller

We know the importance of a safe ride for your most precious cargo. But you don’t need to sacrifice style for safety. With talented engineering and a forethought for style, we’ve been able to craft a high-end stroller that moms can feel good about. It’s trendy strolling for the modern mama